Single Text
Single Text Widgets are used to display single values. You can display multiple single values from different sources but the entry will only display the first value of the selected column. So make sure your source is ordered in the way you want it to be.
Example of a single text widget.

  • Show Unit, shows/hides the unit associated with the selected column.
  • Use fixed width, with "fixed width" disabled the values will be evenly spread over the width of the widget. If it is enabled the values will be as close together as possible (left-aligned). Unless you specify a width (in pixel) in the textbox below then this width is used. Turning it on for one entry activates this for all values.
  • Wrap text, if the entry exceeds the widget this will try to force a line break instead of ending the entry with "...".
You can change the order of the entries by dragging the entries in the desired order.
Find out how to use emojis in a single text widget here.
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