FAQ and Troubleshooting

A data source column is not available to map on a certain attribute!

Data types of the data source column and the attribute need to match. In the drop-down, only columns with matching data types are shown.

Where can I get information about the generated virtual events?

The virtual events produce sf-messages, so you can get information on which virtual events got generated when with help of the sf-messages.

Why can't I change/delete the attributes or delete the virtual event?

In the actual version deleting attributes and virtual events is not possible. But you can change the name of attributes and virtual events.

I can not see the data which should have been generated by a virtual event!

If you do not have access to all things, it could be that the virtual events are related to a thing you do not have access to, e.g. if you use a virtual thing. Another reason could be that your data source had an error. If your data source had an error no virtual event will be written to the database.

What should I use the "run per thing" option for and why can't I use it for datasets?

In scripts, the imported datasets have a row limit of 1.000.000. If your virtual event calculates a benchmark for every individual machine you might exceed this limit. If you select "run per thing" the script will run separately for every thing selected in the global thing filter. Therefore you get a 1.000.000 row limit per thing, instead of having 1.000.000 rows in total.

For datasets there is no row limit, hence the option does not make sense.

What happens if I use the "run per thing" option and one of the script executions fails?

Using the "run per thing" option also makes the single script executions independent from each other. So if one execution fails no rows will be created for this virtual event execution, but if the executions of the other things are successful this data will be inserted into the database.

For common mistakes which can to errors in script see the script FAQ and Troubleshooting.

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