Edge Logging

The Senseforce Edge Solution integrates a powerful logging framework.

Each plugin as well as the core application itself provides separate log files to keep the logging experience clean and simple. All plugin configurations as well as the core appsettings.xml implement a setting "LogLevel" which allows setting how much information is written to the log files. Supported levels are:

Log level

Logging depth


All available log messages are written. Use this setting for troubleshooting. Each individual read and transmitted data message is logged.


Debug log level. Use this setting, if you don't need detailed troubleshooting but want to have more information about what's going on inside the Edge.


Informational content like startup and shutdown information is logged. This setting is suggested for most applications.


Error and warning messages are written to the log file


Only critical messages are written to the log file

Change amount of Log Files

It is also possible to set the amount of log files. Per default Luna saves 10 log files per module and for the coreapplication, before the first logfile will be overwritten. If you want to change the amount of log files, you can set a new number like below (line 6).

    <!--LogLevel: Debug,Information,Warning,Error,Critical,None-->

A new log file is written for each day. A total of 100 MB per log file as well as an overall total of 1 GB of log files for each plugin as well as for the core application are kept. In case these limits are met, the oldest log files are deleted.

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