SF Platform

The following should provide a guide for users of the SF Platform

The following picture provides an overview of the components that make up the SF Platform.

The structure for the incoming data from the connected SF Edges is provided by the Event Schema. You can add static information about your machines by using our Machine Master Data feature. In a Dataset, you can query the data needed for your analysis or visualization. For more complex analysis you can use your datasets in a Script before defining how it should be displayed in a Widget. Finally, on a Dashboard, you can use multiple widgets to display your data and findings. If you want to be informed about any data-based events, you can use Automations to trigger an email or other third-party integrations.

With the User & Group Management, you have full control over who is able to use which elements and see which data. Additionally, we provide the option to customize the appearance of our platform to fit your companies branding with our White-Labeling feature.

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