How do I get there?

The sidebar on the left brings you to the different sections of the SF Platform. The sidebar can be expanded by clicking on the SF logo and collapsed by clicking on the arrow next to it.

To give you a short overview of what the SF Platform is capable of, here is a list of the options you have if you have all permissions.

  • Home links you to the home dashboard that was assigned to your user group.

  • Dashboards, here you can assemble a dashboard from the various widgets you created and make it responsive by defining filters and links to other dashboards and sources.

  • Widget, here you create the widgets, which are then used on your dashboards.

  • Dataset Builder, select, filter, aggregate, and group the necessary data for your widgets and automations.

  • Script Editor, for a complex analysis of your data you can use R or Python scripts on your data, which then can be used in widgets and automations just like a data set.

  • Automation, based on your data you can trigger e-mails or another application integrated via Zapier.

  • Edge Device Management, check the state and remote-update your edge devices.

  • Event Schema Management, define and adapt the schema for the incoming data.

  • User Management, create new users and assign them to a group.

  • Group Management, define permissions for your groups of different users.

  • Whitelabeling, define the appearance of your platform.

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