Scheduling Overview

The Scheduling Overview popup is a feature that allows users to see their current virtual events based on their scheduling. This feature provides an overview of all existing and active virtual events and their corresponding time intervals, making it easier for users to plan their work accordingly.

Accessing the Scheduling Overview popup

To access the Scheduling Overview popup, go to the Virtual Events page and click the "three dots" button in the top right corner.

You can also access the Scheduling Overview pop-up from the Edit Virtual Event page.

Scheduling Overview popup

In the Scheduling Overview popup, you will see all your existing events grouped by their scheduling. Please refer to the Trigger page for more information about the scheduling options.

Virtual Events with the same interval

To view all the events with the same interval, click the arrow next to the number of items. This will expand a tree component showing all the events with the same interval.

Searching and filtering for the event name

To search and filter for a specific event, enter its name in the popup's search bar in the top right corner. This will filter the events based on the entered name.

Virtual Event Details

To view the details of each event, you can click on "View" to go directly to that event page after expanding the list of items. You can modify the schedule, attributes, or any other details from there.

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