Zapier integration (necessary internal steps)

Enable Zapier integration for a customer (SF internal)

As our Zapier integration is not published yet in the Zapier marketplace (we need at least 50 active users listed) we have to invite our customers by their email address that they are able to find and use it within the Zapier platform. The necessary steps to do this are explained step-by-step in the following paragraphs.

  • Login with the SF admin account to

  • Click on "Developer Platform" at the bottom of the Page

  • Click on "My Integrations" at the top right of the page

  • Click on the cogwheel at the "Senseforce" integration entry and then click on "Edit"

  • Then click on the "Sharing" entry in the menu on the left hand side

  • Use the form shown to send an invite to the email address of the user which should be allowed to find and use the Senseforce integration.

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