Machine Master Data

Your machine's digital clone.

Machine Master Data (MMD) gives you the tools to describe your machine with metadata, enriching your analytics and providing customers and third-party tools with additional information. The MMD module consists of three parts:


Dimensions provide the framework for describing the properties of your machine. These could include physical properties (e.g. machine weight), capabilities (e.g. carrying capacity, actions per minute), or metadata (e.g. location, owner).


Instances store information relevant to a specific machine/set of machines. A Dimension defines the properties of the machine, and the instance stores the actual values. So for a Dimension that has properties "Load Capacity" and "Location", the instance might have values "3000kg" and "Munich".


Things are the machines you use to feed data into the Senseforce platform. An instance can be applied to it's corresponding Thing to create a logical link between the two.

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