Edge Package Overview
Describe, which Software packages are delivered with the Senseforce Edge solution
Senseforce Edge comes with 3 main components:
  • SF Edge console application (Luna.exe)
  • SF Edge Windows service application (Luna.Service.exe)
  • SF Edge Windows service installer application (Luna.Setup.exe)

The Luna.exe starts SF Edge using the configuration files located in
[SF Edge main installation folder]/configs/
Use Luna.exe to test the configuration as well as network connectivity. The configurations used for the console application may be copy-pasted to the configuration location of the Windows services (see below)

Luna.Service.exe is used to run SF Edge as a Windows service.
When starting the Luna.Service.exe directly, an SF Edge instance starts which behaves similar to the SF Edge console application.
To register SF Edge as a Windows service, use the Luna.Setup.exe service installer application (see the section below)
It is recommended to not start the Luna.Service.exe manually but instead uses the Windows service facilities to start SF Edge as a service, as described in the following chapters.

Luna.Setup.exe is a handy command-line tool, to install your SF Edge as a Windows service. It provides the following features:
  • Register several SF Edge services, each using its own configurations
  • Manage the configurations of several SF Edge services
  • Uninstall one/all SF Edge services
  • Open the Windows service dialog
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