FAQ and Troubleshooting

Setting a default global timestamp filter?

Due to a bug, the default value for the global timestamp filter needs to be set twice (once on the dashboard and once in the settings) to properly work. Like in the following video:

Dragging a widget into another section does not work!

Yes, this is currently not working. If you want to change the section your widget is in, please pull the widget in the right section from the widget register and delete the other widget.

My dashboard layout is messed up!

Maybe you are in a different breakpoint (because you use a different screen or zoom) for which the layout was not defined. Try zooming in/out or change the layout for this breakpoint.

I can not find a column that I want to use in a custom filter!

Only for variables of type time, it is currently not possible to set a filter. But if one dataset is used in multiple widgets the same filter needs to be applied to the columns, that is why they are not separated in the list of available columns. But if you have a closer look, all widgets the column is used in are listed underneath the name of the column.

How can I check my browser time zone?

Usually, the time zone the browser uses comes from the operating system. So you can check which time zone is set and change it in the settings of your operating system.

My data seems to be shifted in time!

If your machine is located in a different time zone than you are, you can use the time zone setting on the dashboard to change the time zone from the browser time to one of the machines.

Is my data drill down applied correctly for timeframes smaller than 1 minute?

Yes, even though the filter in the dashboard does not show the seconds. If you use the data drill down with widget interaction on timestamp with a small time frame (e.g. +/- 1 second) it is applied correctly although the seconds are not displayed in the dashboard filter.

Can not click Data Points for Widget Interaction in a Multi-Chart?

If a multi-chart uses 2000 or more rows for a series the chart visualization gets optimized. Which currently does not work together with the widget interaction. So if you want to ensure that your widget interactions are working properly set the datasource limit of your widget to 1999 or lower.

A widget displays a different time range than I selected in the dashboard filter!

In this case, there is probably a script including date-time conversions used for this widget. If there is a hard-coded time zone used in the script this might differ from your time zone settings so it happens that the timestamps are interpreted for a different time zone and there probably also appear some dates in the result you are not expecting.

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