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Edge Configuration


The Senseforce Edge solution is a headless piece of software, running either as Console Application, Windows Service, or as Linux Daemon. To define, which data to collect, which Edge operations to perform, and where to send the data to, an XML file-based configuration workflow is implemented.
You can define a set of default Edge configurations which you can easily check into your configuration management systems as well as copy&paste to your newly installed Edge instances.

Edge configuration workflow

Any Edge software instance is delivered with a default set of configurations.
Depending on whether you use the Edge console application or the Edge service application, the configuration can be found in the following folders.
Console Application
Service Application
[Edge Main Folder]/configs
These configs are only used for the Edge instance Luna.Console, executed directly from the [Edge Main Folder].
C:/ProgramData/Senseforce/Luna Data/[YourServiceName]
You can install several Luna service instances onto one device - for example to collect data of several machines from a local data collection device. Each service instance needs it's own set of configurations. When using the Senseforce Edge Service Installer, the default configurations are automatically installed for any service.
There are four areas where the Edge solution needs to be configured:
Which Plugins to load
Input Plugin(s)
Output Plugin(s)
Data Routing
Define which Plugins to load and where to find the plugins binaries


Configure the input plugin(s): Which data to collect, sampling frequency, advanced operations like filtering


Note: Depending on which input plugin is used, several configuration files need to be adjusted for each plugin
Configure the output plugin(s): Define where to send your data


Data routing and data translation: Senseforce Edge provides a powerful data routing and data translation layer where you can define which data points are transmitted to which output plugin as well as how the data points are designated.