Importing a Event Schema

If you do not want to set up your event schemas manually you can also use the "Import Schema" function.

To create a schema via import you just need to create a text file and save it with the file extension .csv. Within the text file, you need to apply some rules, such that your definition is interpreted correctly. An example for a valid .csv would be,

BW_0;Wind Speed;long;km/h;
BW_1;Day of Week;string;-;

The first line needs to be the same in every definition. In this example the following lines define attributes with keys BW_0/BW_1, names "Wind Speed"/"Day of Week", data types long/string, units km/h/- and no decimals.

Does and Don'ts

  • The keys are not allowed to contain whitespace characters.

  • The units need to contain a non-whitespace character (if you do not want to assign a unit use "-").

  • Allowed keywords for the data types are string, boolean, long, double, timestamp, and integer. The datatype definition is case insensitive. So the can be written in upper or lower case.

  • If you use the data type double you need to assign a number of decimals (for every other data type this is ignored).

  • The keys are not allowed to be equal to "id", "inserted", "size", "thing", "timestamp" or "type". Because they are always added automatically to each schema and therefore these keys are already used.

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