Gantt Chart

With the Gantt chart, you can display time intervals. As input, you have to use one column which describes to which category the interval belongs and two more columns for the start and the stop of the interval. Note that the start/stop columns are interpreted as timestamps.


In the Customize tab of the gantt chart settings you will find various settings to change the behaviour of the chart to what you want.

Zoom mode

With the zoom mode setting you can define if and how you can zoom into your chart:

  • None: The chart can't be zoomed at all

  • Horizontal: The chart can be zoomed on the horizontal axis

  • Vertical: The chart can be zoomed on the vertical axis

  • Both: The chart can be zoomed on both the horizontal and vertical axis

Note that as in all Senseforce charts you can zoom by clicking and dragging your mouse over the chart area. It's not possible to zoom by scrolling.

Show Zoom Navigator

With the Show Zoom Navigator toggle you can switch on the zoom navigator for your gantt chart which will get displayed below your chart.

You can zoom your chart with the Zoom Navigator by selecting the desired area you want to see in the Zoom Navigator. After selecting your desired area your main chart will then get zoomed to your selection. Note that you can also move your selected area by dragging it.

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