This widget is for, as the name implies, displaying images. You can either choose a static image you want to display or get an image from a dataset.

Just as for all the other widgets, you can define a dashboard link or external link for this widget.

Static images

To use a static image, switch to the Image tab and select Fixed as the data source type. Afterward either click the appearing upload section to select an image from your computer or simply drag the file from your computer to the upload section.

  • The maximum supported file size is 5 MB.

  • Supported file types are .tiff, .pjp, .pjpeg, .jfif, .tif, .gif, .svg, .bmp, .png, .jpeg, .svgz, .jpg, .webp, .ico, .xbm, .dib.

Dataset images

You can also use data from a dataset to display an image in your widget. There are basically two ways you can define an image in a dataset:

  • URLs: If you have a dataset with a column that has URLs to images inside you can use these values here. The image widget will simply display the image defined via the URL.

  • Dimension Images: If you have defined a dimension with an image attribute, you can add this dimension attribute to your dataset. In the dataset editor, the data in this column will get displayed as an ID. The image widget will then take this ID and load the correct image from our image store.

Here's an example of a dataset that uses both a dimension image column (seen in the second column) as well as a URL column (seen in the third column):

To use this dataset in your image widget, navigate to the Image tab and select Dataset as the datasource type.

Then simply select the dataset and the column you want to use and your image should get displayed.

The image widget will only display data from the first row of your dataset.

Use Image widget as a button

You have the possibility to hide the widget menu at the dashboard level. You can do that by disabling the 'Show Menu in Dashboard' option on the widget editor page.

This may be useful for example when you want to have a custom button on your dashboard. When the option 'Show Menu in Dashboard' is disabled the three vertical dots menu will not be available anymore which may lead to a more button usage feel.

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